My son suffered from severe anxiety until a friend told me about a miraculous musical instrument. Since he started playing it, he sleeps like a log every night.

May 15, 2024 | - Noah García

Did you know there's a new musical instrument that helps your child overcome anxiety and improve sleep in just a few minutes a day?


Recently, my son started becoming particularly restless and anxious, especially in the evening before going to bed.


Every night became a battle to get him to sleep, and after weeks of endless, futile attempts, I realized I had to change something, or my days would turn into suffering from the lost hours of sleep the night before.


I didn’t want to resort to medication for my son. I was looking for something natural and effective, but nothing seemed to work. I was starting to get impatient, so before going to bed, I posted on Facebook asking if any of my friends had any suggestions.

A brilliant suggestion from a friend...

The next morning, I woke up to a message from a friend who works at a major musical instrument company.

He told me about this unique musical instrument called the Balmy Drum, a steel tongue drum designed to produce relaxing sounds similar to binaural beats that reduce anxiety and improve sleep.

So, I ordered one and decided to give it a try. It arrived 4 days after ordering, and the first thing I noticed was the high quality of the materials and the inviting design.

Moreover, it’s really simple to play, just use the mallets included in the package or your fingers, gently hitting the drum to play pleasant and relaxing melodies.

I discovered that sound therapy decreases cortisol levels, the stress hormone, and increases dopamine release, helping the brain relax and prepare for sleep.

Balmy Drum™


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The real test: How effective is Balmy Drum™ in relaxing children?

Moment of truth… That night, my son Ethan was as restless as usual, so I decided to bring out the Balmy Drum and play it with him.

What happened next is extraordinary.

Within a few minutes, I saw my son’s eyes slowly closing. I couldn’t believe it; at that moment, I felt nothing but peace and tranquility.

No annoying crying, no deafening screams, nothing. Just peace and tranquility.

It worked. I went to bed and was able to sleep through the night (and I haven’t had any sleepless nights since he started using it).

They'll be sold out before the end of summer!

Later that evening, I sent a message to my friend to tell him it was a success…

He said he was thrilled for his friend who produces it because, given the effectiveness of Balmy Drum™ in relaxing and calming the mind, it is selling out quickly.


So, if you’re reading this blog and want one, I recommend getting it as soon as possible before it sells out for the summer.


Because this will be the best natural solution for anxiety and insomnia you'll find on the market this year.


I couldn’t calm my son down without sacrificing hours and hours of nighttime rest, trying everything to get him to sleep, but when I sat by his bed with the Balmy Drum™, I noticed from the first sounds that his anxiety was calming down...


It only took about ten minutes of playing it (it usually took hours to see him calm down), and I couldn’t believe my eyes, Ethan was extremely relaxed and ready to sleep!

Then I took it on vacation for a more challenging test

The following weekend, I visited my parents in River North, a neighborhood in Chicago known for its lively nightlife.

I brought the Balmy Drum™ with us and started playing it with Ethan before going to sleep, hoping it would work despite the noise coming from outside.

"I fear this time won’t be so easy," as I watched him play the drum with the mallets. But I decided to give it a try anyway, and I’m very glad I did.

It took a few more minutes, but once again, the Balmy Drum™ did its job.

My mother, who knew about my son Ethan’s insomnia issues, naturally, the next day, the first thing she did was ask me how I had found a solution after all this time.

They couldn’t believe it, and neither could I.

Believe me, I don’t often use this term, but the Balmy Drum™ is simply FANTASTIC.

What are the features?

Easy to Play

Balmy Drum is designed to be incredibly easy to play, making it simple for anyone to create relaxing melodies. Even without musical knowledge, just touch the keys to produce harmonious sounds.

Portability and Convenience

With a compact and lightweight design, Balmy Drum can be taken anywhere. It's perfect for home use or travel, offering therapeutic benefits without complications.

Robust and Compact Design

This drum fits perfectly into any home environment thanks to its elegant and discreet design. It’s built to last, with high-quality materials that withstand daily use.

Exceptional Value

You'll be so satisfied with Balmy Drum™ that you'll want to order two or three to give to friends and family who have anxiety and insomnia issues.

Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason Balmy Drum does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

Conclusion: No worries

With its ultra-simple packaging, Balmy Drum™ is ready to use in seconds. But wait...

I already hear the questions... what if my child has no musical experience?

Answer: Even if your child has no musical experience, Balmy Drum™ is the perfect starting point! Its intuitive design and the numbered songbook make it easy for beginners to create beautiful melodies from the start.
Your child will enjoy the drum’s relaxing tones and explore the world of music, even without experience!

Why is it discounted right now?

The company behind Balmy Drum™ invests heavily in first-time buyers.

Considering Balmy Drum™’s features, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a price of 130 euros. Which would still be lower than most of its competitors (some cost more than 170 euros).

That's why I was amazed when I found out the company is currently selling it for only 66.95 euros (thanks to a 50% promotion ending soon).

Click here to claim a discount on Balmy Drum™ (if it’s still available) >>.
It’s an extremely advantageous price for your and your child’s peace of mind!

You can try Balmy Drum™ for 30 days, 100% risk-free.

I know what you’re thinking. "It sounds great, but will it really work as promised? Or is it just another internet gimmick?".

I understand. You’ve probably come across other devices that promised the world and didn’t deliver.

Well, the company behind the Balmy Drum™ device is incredibly confident in its relaxing properties.

That’s why every order is covered by a "30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee."

This means that once you receive the device, you have 30 days to use it. If for any reason you can’t eliminate anxiety or insomnia or are simply not satisfied in any way, you’ll get a full refund.

And not only that. Every order is covered by a 30-day guarantee. If the device breaks or stops working, the company that produces Balmy Drum™ will replace it for free.

All orders are shipped with a tracking number from the company’s warehouse, located in California.

Where can I find the real Balmy Drum™?

The only place you can get the Balmy Drum™ is the official website.

To get the special discounted price, simply follow these 3 steps:

Step 1: Click here to check availability

Step 2: When you receive it, you’ll find the bag, drum, mallets, various guides, and much more.

Step 3: Remove Balmy Drum™ from the package and let yourself be carried away by its sweet melodies.


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